11 09/2019

Dalat Wine was selected and nominated to the first “Journey to promote Vietnamese culinary specialties”

Based on the official dispatch No. 130 / TTXT dated July 22, 2011 of Lam Dong Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center on the introduction of famous specialties of the province to the moisture promotion journey. Vietnamese specialties.

After a period of voting, consulting and receiving feedback from agencies and researchers such as the National Office of Intellectual Property, Fruit Tree Research Institute – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Association Tourism, tourism units – travel agents – domestic and foreign tourists, media agencies – newspapers – internet newspapers, professionals, researchers and according to your votes readers portal electronic information Vietnam Record (kyluc.vn), Top Vietnam (topvietnam.vn); “Da Lat Butter, Dalat Strawberry Jam, Dalat Red Jam, Dalat Wine” was officially selected for the 3rd nomination to the “1st Journey of Vietnamese cuisine promotion” and in the Top 100 Famous Vietnamese specialties include 50 famous specialty dishes and 50 famous specialty fruits in Vietnam.

The first meeting to announce the specialties of Vietnam will be held on September 22, 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of provincial and local leaders and international delegations. Culinary experts across the country.
(Source: TIPC Lam Dong)