12 09/2019

The space of Da Lat Vang – New imprints left in every flower festival

Vang Dalat – a brand named after a place name of a famous tourist city, Dalat city; Every 02 years, in this romantic & romantic city, the Flower Festival is held once, accordingly, Vang Dalat of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company (Ladofoods) always accompanies with flower festivals.

Coming to Dalat Flower Festival 2013, Ladofoods made an impressive public appearance of “Dalat Wine Space”, spread over an area of ​​nearly one thousand square meters, with the highlight of a record-free drum model. , located, semi-floating, semi-submerged, oversized (11m long, 09m wide, 5m high), located on the hillside of an open park, Tran Quoc Toan Street adjacent to Xuan Huong Lake that visitors Can be seen from afar. When entering inside the model of Da Lat wine drum, you will feel like you are going into a wine cellar lying underground, here, Vang Da Lat has boasted with many kinds of new and strange products to offer. to welcome 2013 Dalat Flower Festival, Da Lat 120 years of establishment: pine cannons of pine wood containing bottles of Chateau Dalat with capacity of 3 liters, 5 liters, collection of wooden boxes of Vang & flower, horse necks wood containing wine drums, …

Continuing to discover more, in Vang Da Lat is a complex of artworks arranged randomly but … not really accidentally: are wooden sculptures in the theme of Western Highlands culture, which oil paintings painted about Dalat, the artworks made from dried flowers of artists and artisans who love Da Lat, created a surprising, admiring and overwhelming feeling for visitors. It would be a mistake not to mention another special area in Vang Da Lat Space; It is the dining area & serves wine glasses. Have you ever had a glass of wine on the street in Vietnam? Surely the majority of your answers will be “very rarely” or “never” because … there is no place selling wine on the street, with an open space, outdoors, full of love and romance of the water of Ho Xuan Huong shimmering, magical at night! This is a unique feature of Vang Dalat in the 2013 Dalat Flower Festival.

With a Dalat Wine Space, Ladofoods made its public debut in the 2013 Flower Festival, which lasted for 06 days, attracted nearly 200,000 visitors to visit, enjoy and enjoy wine, take photos and save. mindfulness; Especially, on the night of the evening wine festival on 31/12/2013, Dalat Wine Space welcomed more than 50,000 visitors, serving nearly 1,000 liters of free wine extracted from oak casks.
Dalat Flower Festival 2013 has closed but it can be said that Vang Dalat brand of Ladofoods is always a “friend” accompanying Dalat flower festivals; Vang Dalat is always an impressive destination, not to be missed by tourists & locals, an unforgettable impression, leaving in the hearts of tourists from near and far whenever mentioning flower festivals in the city. Dalat 120 years old.