02 11/2020


Derived from the famous French wine making Lafaro winery that was the first one in Dalat built in the early 20th Century, Lam Dong Foodstuffs Joint Stock Company – Ladofoods has developed continuously.

With an intention to create a Vietnamese signature wine, Ladofoods studied and launched Vang Đàlạt, one of the first wine products of Vietnam in late 1999. Since then, the Vang Đàlạt brand has been widely preferred by wine lovers.

Aiming to put its name on the wine map of the world, Ladofoods has officially established LADORA WINERY – Vietnam’s first professional winery in early 2015 and has continuously improved its products in cooperation with foreign experts.

Understanding that each grape variety and yeast strain should generate a unique flavor for wine, Ladofoods has endeavored to study and bring in Vietnam grape varieties that suit the country’s soil characteristics best.

The Ladofoods wines are perfectly combined by grape growing techniques, wine fermentation process, and advanced technology transferred from leading companies and experts from the cradles of wine in Europe. The products are also inspired by the love for wine and the desire to mark Vietnam as a wine destination on the global map.

Today, millions of bottles of Ladofoods wines are consumed yearly in Vietnam and exported to foreign markets. In which, Vang Đàlạt and Chateau Dalat have consolidated the position of an internationally standard brand that is widely preferred by both domestic and international wine lovers.