30 10/2020

Strategic vision


To build, develop and remain the position of Ladofoods as the No. 1 brand in domestic wines and products made from vines in Vietnam, expanding to regional as well as global markets.

Core values

– Quality

A criterion of “wines at international standards” is always a top priority of Ladofoods.

The wine of Ladofoods is beautiful blend fermented by the souls and skillful hands of Vietnamese people. With the definite passion for wine, Ladofoods is committed to provide customers with wines and related products that meet international standards and are safe for health. At the same time, Ladofoods is gradually building up the winery culture in the community, contributing to the enrichment of Vietnamese culinary culture.

– Innovation and creativity

Ladofoods considers innovation and creativity as the foundation for sustainable development, the leverage of innovation, and the distinction that creates the pioneering strength of the company.

To keep pace with market growth, Ladofoods encourages the spirit of continuous innovation and creativity, advanced application in science and engineering, and technology of production and management in order to improve quality of products and services.

– Human Resource

Identifying people as the foundation of the company’s success, Ladofoods always strives to build a professional and dynamic working environment that appreciates the cohesion for employers to be the best of themselves and achieve their goals.

Strategic orientation

– To develop and maintain the pioneering and leading position of Vietnamese wine brands.

– To constantly innovate, revolute, practice, and create values to deserve the position as the first official and leading Vietnamese wine brand.

– To protect and develop brand reputation; build and continuously enhance the cultural identity of the company as well as the wine brand; encourage creativity to maintain diversity; ensure high competitiveness; and always adapt to business environment and sustainable development.

– To always focus on customers’ satisfaction; cooperate closely with partners in the sense of trust, respect, and equality for common success.

– To actively contribute to the overall development of society to build a good and civilized community, thereby promoting local and national socio-economic development.