16 12/2020

A signature cocktail for a romantic Valentine’s night

Having comprehensive flavors of “sourness – pungency – sweetness – tannins” like features of love, Sangria wine is a perfect choice for your Valentine’s night.

Sangria is a famous Spanish drink. It is a combination of red or white wine and fruit juice with a low alcohol content (7% ABV), releasing hormones of happiness and containing rich antioxidants. Therefore, it is totally suitable for women.

Red color represents an intense love so couples can use red Sangria mixed with raspberries or strawberries. People who do not dare to express feelings yet may prepare white Sangria with heart-sliced ​​apples plus basil leaves, because white color symbolizes silent passion. If you want to propose for marriage, you can use yellow color representing a happy life by putting a few orange slices and an engagement ring into a white Sangria glass.

A sweet glass of wine with heart-shaped fruits

You can use heart-shaped fruits and ice for decoration. Sangria is well served with ice or at the temperature of 4-14oC. If you like the original taste, please put fruits and ice into the glass before pouring wine then take a sip immediately to avoid dilution by melting ice. For a more delicate flavor, you can mix the wine with fresh berries in a large jar and soak it overnight for the night party on the following day.

Sangria should be served in classical glasses and paired with 1-2 European dishes in a romantic ambiance with mellow music followed by tender words. You should take sip of Sangria slowly to fully feel its flavor.

Nouvo Red Sangria and Nouvo White Sangria are made by Ladofoods, Vietnam’s No. 1 Winemaker following a mysterious recipe of the Spaniards. Combining red or white wine and fresh fruits with 7% ABV, the product has a delicious taste and is suitable for both men and women. Products are currently distributed throughout major supermarket chains such as VinMart, VinMart +, Lotte Mart, BigC, Coopmart, Mega, Aeon mall and others.