12 09/2019

CEO Ladofoods and “wine a wine population”

“We expect to bring Vang Da Lat into Vietnamese family meals and become a familiar drink of each person,” Mr. Pham Hoang Long shared.

Mr. Pham Hoang Long at the company’s Showroom in Ho Chi Minh City.

Talking to BizLIVE on the occasion of 10 years of Vietnam Entrepreneur, Mr. Pham Hoang Long, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and General Director of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company (Ladofoods), which is known for Vang Vang Dalat brand. said that, in front of the “big wave”, Vietnamese enterprises if prepared, carefully invested can completely dominate and compete right on the “home ground”.

Doing business in a rather specific field, could you share your story with Vang Da Lat?

I personally love wine but have not really known much about this drink before. On a trip to Dalat, a beautiful, romantic city, I accidentally enjoyed Dalat wine and it seems that my love for Ladofoods also originated from here.

Then I started to learn about the company’s stock, gradually becoming a shareholder and officially running Ladofoods since 2012.

What is your opinion about the market and culture of drinking wine in Vietnam today?

European countries use about 30-40 liters / year, while France uses 40-50 liters / year on average. There is an interesting thing that people call “The paradox about the French” when talking about wine: The French have a diet with a lot of fat but the country has a mortality rate due to blood diseases. and low heart.

Despite eating a high-calorie menu, French women still have a lower weight index and a more balanced body than other Western women. Many effects but in Vietnam, the rate of wine use is very low, each person only about 1 glass of wine / year. Thus, the potential of the Vietnamese wine market is still great.

In Vietnam, the habit of using rice wine, corn wine is still popular. Later when the economy developed, people were interested in foreign wine again. However, when there were so many evils coming from alcohol and harmful to health, a significant consumer trend began to switch to using wine.

Over the past four years, despite the economic difficulties, the proportion of Ladofoods Dalat consumers still increases. I think wine will become an important drink of Vietnamese people in the future.

Wine is an art from the stage of cultivation, choosing grape varieties, tending, harvesting time, cutting time, composting, fermentation, finished products, to enjoying … who know how to enjoy wine in Vietnam is very low. Actually drinking wine is drinking emotions, not drinking alcohol, drunkenness.

Ladofoods’ strategy when Vietnam’s economy is going to integrate deeply into the region and the world?
Meanwhile, imported wine such as France, Chile, USA, Australia … will flood into Vietnam market. I think every business has its own plan.

Ladofoods is confident with the product quality thanks to a well-invested investment from material sources with methods of fencing, grapes quality control; modern production lines imported from Italy; cooperate with leading foreign experts; Especially, Ladofoods focuses on human resources, markets, distribution channels and controls financial resources.

Currently the production scale of the company reaches over 5 million liters per year with quality wine not inferior to imported goods. So with the strength of a national brand, competitive prices, I think we can absolutely stand at home.

Could you tell us what is the target of Vang Dalat in the future?

The biggest goal is to maintain Dalat wine is the largest wine brand in Vietnam. Along with that, Ladofoods hopes to bring Dalat wine to Vietnamese family meals and become a familiar drink of each person.
Thank you Sir!

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