03 11/2020

How officers in the North and South regions enjoy year-end parties?

When it comes to year end, there are clear differences between styles of parties in the North and the South.

Officers in the North prefer parties at noon and on weekdays. Meanwhile, Southern officers like to organize parties at night, even on weekends. They also go to café and KTVs until late at night after a party.

Southern officers are interested in flashy parties

Officers in Saigon often wear dresses with elaborate makeup to take selfies and post on Facebook walls to show off to their friends. In the photos, the whole department or a group of colleagues will be posed in an elegant or funny way. In the meantime, Hanoi officers focus more on parties with a several photos of the whole team in a serious manner.

Year-end party of the Northern people is simple and unobtrusive

Saigon officers prefer menus of year-end parties having European dishes or specialties from Mekong River Delta. Meanwhile, officers in Hanoi often select grilled dishes, hotpots, and buffets.

A simple year-end party at home

Some officers like to self-organize a small year-end party for their colleagues. In the North, guests can have hotpot (with chicken, beef, mushrooms, seafood and others), then gather to have a chat and play cards. The Southern officers, meanwhile, often invite guests to enjoy home-cooked, ordered foods or specialties from their hometowns. After the party, they will have a KTV at home.

Despite different party styles, officers in both regions tend to drink wine at year-end parties.

Wine is a popular drink at the year-end parties

In addition to sparkling wine (champagne), officers are now interested in Nouvo Sangria, a Spanish-style wine served with ice. This product is a combination of red or white wine and fruits following a Spanish recipe. It has a low alcohol content (7% ABV) and is well served with ice so it is suitable for the all year-round hot weather of Saigon. As for Hanoi officers, because Nouvo Sangria is not too strong but adds more excitement, it is also a perfect choice for women.