03 11/2020

How to choose a suitable wine for the whole family?

Wine has a low alcohol content in the range of 7-14% ABV, so it is healthier and easier to consume than other spirits with 30-40% ABV. It is suitably served in gatherings for people to chat over a glass of wine.

The traditional Spanish Sangria is a perfect choice for parties of multi-generational families with participation of the young and the old, women and men. Combining white or red wine with fruit juice, Sangria has low alcohol content (7% ABV) and fruit flavor. Therefore, it is used as a refreshing drink to optimize digestion and suitable for different people.

Choose a wine paired with dishes in Lunar New Year

White wine has a mild sour taste so it goes well with white meat, snacks (soup, pâté de foie gras), spicy dishes, and seafood (fish, shrimp, crab). Red wine has a more tannin and strong taste, so it can be better paired with red meat, or dishes rich in spices and flavors (grilled, fried, spiced foods). Sangria wine, meanwhile, should be served with ice as a refreshing drink or goes with salty or sweet dishes. Appetizers like champagne is suitable for smoked dishes. In the meantime, young wines go well with cheese because the fat and protein in cheese make this wine more enjoyable.

It is recommended not to pair a wine with dishes having sweeter taste. Besides, you should orderly enjoy white wine before red wine and young wine before old wine.

Branded wine is better for health

You should purchase wine at familiar stores, official supermarkets or showrooms of major winemakers.

In addition, long-standing wine brands should be preferred. Hand-carried goods are likely to be counterfeited, but domestic wine such as Nouvo Sangria, Vang Đàlạt or Chateau Dalat and others are controlled strictly by the professional winemaker Ladofoods.

A branded bottle always clearly shows its ingredients, origins, and tax stamps on the cap. You can spot a fake product if same products have differences in capacity and color; printing color of the packaging is unsharp; or shells, lids and corks are ill-fitting or scratched.

How to properly store wine?

Nouvo Sangria should be consumed within 24 hours after opening. If not finished, it should be kept in the cooling compartment of the refrigerator with the maximum storage duration of 2 days.

For older and higher alcohol content wines, the unfinished wine should be stored in a dedicated wine cabinet. This type of cabinet has the same temperature and humidity as those of a cellar, preventing the wine from being damaged and faded. Red wine should be stored at the temperature of 15-18oC, while white wine is perfectly kept at 12-15oC. Besides, the bottle should be placed horizontally to preserve wine in the best way.

Do not go to bar, a series of clips will teach you how to host home parties successfully

If you are seeking ideas for a friend gathering or a warm dinner with your spouse on Lunar New Year’s Eve, please consider three tips from our Nouvo Sangria, a brand highly recommended for all kinds of parties.