02 11/2020

Mead, a “Golden New Year Gift” for health

Mead not only brings more warmth into your New Year parties, but also is a gift for health on account of its great benefits.

Mead benefits

Since old times, mead has been used in important ceremonies upon beliefs that it could aid in improving fertility. The newlyweds used to drink mead in the hope that their families would be blessed and have many children.

Mead contains good oxidants

Nowadays, experts say that pure mead helps digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular systems or in treatment of some diseases.

A “Golden New Year Gift” for health

Thanks to a sweet and mellow taste with various health benefits, mead is a perfect choice for family gatherings with people of different ages on the occasion of Lunar New Year, or parties with company and friends.

Mead by Ladofoods is a favorite choice of many customers

Mead is one of the outstanding products by Ladofoods in the festive season of Year of Mouse. This wine is fermented from 100% pure natural honey under special cold conditions. Similarly to other grape wines, mead also follows a stringent production process that takes years before being aged in oak barrels to enhance the flavor and sweetness of honey. That is why each bottle of mead by Ladofoods has a fine taste and fully retains microelements, minerals, and nutritious ingredients of honey.

Customers are interested in mead by Ladofoods thanks to its unique blend of oak and vanilla notes, creating a mellow sweetness in a shiny golden color. The product that has an impressively luxurious packaging is aan ideal gift as a wish for prosperity and good fortune during the Lunar New Year.