03 11/2020

Most loved brands in Vietnam’s F&B industry

With the determination to create Vietnamese brands on par with foreign brands, many domestic enterprises have invested in production lines, developed distribution channels, and conducted promotion activities to regain worthy market share for made-in-Vietnam products.

Chateau Dalat and Vang Đàlạt

Chateau Dalat and Vang Đàlạt are popular to Vietnamese wine lovers on account of its outstanding quality and well-established position. In 2017, Chateau Dalat was chosen as the official wine to serve Heads of States and senior delegations attending the APEC Summit in Vietnam.

Chateau Dalat and Vang Đàlạt are not only the must-have wines in meetings and gatherings, but also appreciation gifts for valued guests because they feature the world wine culture and the restless efforts of Ladofoods to create a world-class brand from Vietnam.

Dried fruits by Hong Lam

After nearly 25 years of development, Hong Lam made its dream come true as turning a traditional snack of Hanoians into a Vietnamese gift. The company is now a leading brand in the fruit processing industry in Vietnam for both domestic and foreign consumers, with 27 owned stores and the distribution network covering hundreds of supermarkets and shops throughout Vietnam.

Confectionaries by Huu Nghi

As one of the biggest confectionery brands in Vietnam, Huu Nghi owns a wide range of popular products such as Tipo egg cakes, Bolero biscuits, moon cakes and special dried fruits for Lunar New Year. Over the past 20 years, Huu Nghi has successfully achieved its goal of preserving and bringing traditional confectionery to Vietnamese people, while gradually enhancing production technology to win international market.

Cozy Tea

In March 2017, at an international tea competition held in Canada, Cozy jasmine tea at Phu Ho farm of Future Generation Vinh Phuc Company Limited was awarded the Gold Prize by production region. This award confirmed the quality of Cozy tea in both flavor and color, as well as clean, safe, and healthy criteria. Cozy tea is currently chosen by many domestic and foreign consumers upon its traditional flavor and convenience in modern life.