02 11/2020

Nouvo Sangria, Spanish-style wine served with ice splashing Vietnamese youngsters

Inspired by the famous Sangria in Spanish cuisine, Ladofoods has created Nouvo Sangria that is served with ice and now putting Vietnamese youngsters in the grip of fever.

From the famous Sangria drink in Spain

Although you are familiar with cocktails at parties or bars, you will still be amazed at Sangria, a unique mixture of red wine, fresh fruits plus ice.

Spain is the birthplace of Sangria and this country has an annual festival to celebrate this drink on December 20. Sangria has inspired many artworks in the music and film industries.

Coming to Nouvo Sangria – wine drink with Spanish style ice causing fever for Vietnamese youth

In Vietnam, drinking wine is becoming a part of an elegant and classy lifestyle. In this trend, Ladofoods, Vietnam’s No.1 Winemaker has cooperated with a long-established Spanish winemaker to introduce Nouvo Sangria, a drink mixed between wine and pure juice upon a mysterious recipe of the Spaniards.

Nouvo Sangria is made from red wine or white wine, best served with ice or chilled. Therein, Nouvo Sangria Red Wine has a crimson color with flavors of grapes, Dalat strawberries, herbs, and tropical fruits; while Nouvo Sangria While Wined has a straw yellow color with a passionate taste of grapes, herbs, and tropical fruits. This beverage is a perfect choice for any party, festival or picnic and others. It is also suitable for youths, women or those who cannot consume high ABV spirits.

Nouvo Sangria is now available in major supermarket systems such as VinMart, VinMart +, Lotte Mart, BigC, Coopmart, Mega, Aeon Mall and others, in addition to more than 20,000 points of sale including shops and dealer stores in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.