03 11/2020

Year-end party at home with soulmates becomes funnier than ever

The clip “Too happy to say no” will bring a totally new experience to you and your soulmates at a home party with lively music. You can even wear pajamas matching with your friends instead of fashionable or sexy items to show off the whole group’s feelings and style.

You can prepare some simple dishes but paired with a tasteful drink like Sangria wine. This low alcohol content drink (7% ABV) will make everyone excited and swing to the music for the whole night without being too drunk.

Romantic Spanish-style party with your lover

The clip “The fastest way to visit Spain with only 500,000 VND” will show you how to organize a party following the Spanish style for less than 500,000 VND. All you need to surprise your lover are a few candles, a projector to show images of Spain, and music for Flamenco dance.

Besides sandwich and cheese which are affordable appetizers, you can prepare some more easy-to-make European dishes and salads, along with Nouvo Sangria served with fruit and ice. This low alcohol content wine that has a red color, smooth taste, fruity aroma will enchant your lover from the first sip.

Year-end party for single persons

The clip “What single persons can do during Lunar New Year Holiday?” will show you how to organize the best year-end party ever for your single group. If you are 18 years old and not allowed to get drunk, you can try Nouvo Sangria which has a low alcohol content served with ice, helping you to enjoy fun without hangover.

Let’s enjoy the party with a few soulmates and some single friends of the opposite sex, may you find a partner having common interest in wine.