Grape growing area

Ladofoods is proud to be the first and only Vietnamese company that successfully invests in a growing area for grapevine material in Vietnam, using the European piling methods and modern farming techniques.

Grapevine material area of Ladofoods

Ladofoods carries out the entire process from studying soil samples to find suitable grapevine varieties to building irrigation systems under the strict supervision of European experts.

During the period of 2008-2009, Ladofoods cooperated with a French company to conduct experimental planting of grapevine varieties in Dalat. However, the rainy climate in Dalat affected the development of vines and grape fruit quality. Therefore, Ladofoods sent various soil samples from many places in Vietnam to Europe to analyze and select the most suitable grapevine varieties to the respective soil characteristics. In which, Ninh Thuan was considered as the best region for developing grapevines. Since 2012, Ladofoods has started shifting investment and conducting experimental planting in this province.

With an area of more than 25 hectares, the process of land preparation, irrigation, planting, pruning, spraying, and harvesting in the raw material area is carried out seriously and scientifically through a modern system of machines (tiller , drip irrigation, weather monitoring system). , soil moisture monitoring systems and others) combined with the supervision of domestic and European experts to increase labor productivity as well as create a consistent quality for each vine.

Combined plows were used for the first time in Vietnam

Ladofoods harvests grapes in two main crops and one secondary crop annually, achieving an annual yield of 10-15 tons per hectare with quality assurance standards for use as raw materials for premium wines.

The ripe grapes are ready for fermentation

Ladofoods will continue to expand the vineyard to 100 hectares. The 300 ha project has been approved by Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee through the association of farmers and application of the most modern farming standards, procedures and techniques.

Ladofoods’ high-quality raw material area is also a typical model of modernized agricultural production, initiating the development of Ninh Thuan’s agriculture towards science, modernity, efficiency, and changes in agricultural practices public.