31 12/2019

New research on wine and the brain

Help the brain remember better

Scientists at the University of Texas (USA) analyzed data from patients over 60 years old in the Framingham heart disease research project. These patients undergo medical examinations, including brain scans and blood tests, to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease risk. A series of mental tests later showed that those who drank in moderation had a better memory (ability to recall certain events).

Researchers in the UK also did a small experiment with the U70 women group. The results showed that those who drank 1 glass of wine a day had a better memory.

Reduce the risk of depression

According to the results of a research group from many Spanish universities in the journal BMC Medicine, wine may reduce the risk of depression. The researchers collected data on 2,683 men and 2,822 women aged 55-80 over a 7-year period. Participants must complete a food frequency questionnaire every year, which includes details about the amount of wine consumed as well as each person’s mental health. The results showed that men and women who drank two to seven glasses of wine a week had less depression.

Wine not only enhances memory but also reduces the risk of depression

Protect the brain after a stroke

Resveratrol in red wine raises the level of oxygenase heme, an enzyme that protects nerve cells in the brain from damage. For people who have a habit of drinking 1 glass of wine every day, when having a stroke, the brain is willing to protect the body because of higher enzyme levels.

Help the brain more youthful

Resveratrol in red wine was also praised in a study by scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (USA) on the ability to keep the brain young and healthy.

Specifically, the researchers tested 2-year-old mice (old age of rats) and resveratrol treatment for 1 year. Research has shown a positive effect of resveratrol on synapses related to the rat’s neuromuscular waist / node.

However, women are recommended to drink only 1 glass of red wine a day and men to 2 glasses, not to drink more.

Enjoy properly made the brain work flexibly and reduce stress

In the book Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine, published in November 2016, Professor Gordon M. Shepherd has shared The relationship between the brain and the ability to identify alcohol flavors.

According to him, the act of drinking alcohol is a relatively complex synthesis process, involving many different factors, including the way we sip alcohol, the way the tongue moves alcohol around the mouth and the reaction of the nose to the incense. the aroma of alcohol …

The process of enjoying alcohol properly activates the brain’s gray matter more than math operations, logic or anything that requires specific knowledge …

Sipping, sucking and slowly swallowing while enjoying wine also help people pause to think and feel life. This breaks down fear, helps people reduce stress and wants to communicate with people around them.

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