12 09/2019

Dalat Wine “warms up” Hue Festival 2014.

Continuing to promote the cultural values ​​of the nation in Hue Festival 2014, Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company is proud to sponsor the program “International Food Festival 2014” and sponsor drinks for Hue Festival. 2014. Bringing “warm yeast” to the ancient capital.

Continuing to promote the cultural values ​​of the nation in Hue Festival 2014, Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company is proud to sponsor the program “International Food Festival 2014” and sponsor drinks for Hue Festival. 2014.

Bringing “enamel” to the ancient capital.

Hue Festival 2014 will take place from 12 to 20/04/2014 with many festive activities and art festivals exchanging between countries. One of them is “Hue International Food Festival 2014” and Vang Da Lat brand is proud to be the official sponsor for this event. This is a continuation of the events that Vang Dalat used to join.

Dalat wine is awakening the culture of Vietnamese wine consumers by blending the classic features of Western wines and the authenticity, friendliness and closeness of the land and people of Dalat.

Dalat wine is waking up Vietnamese culture of wine consumption

Hue International Food Festival will take place from 14 to 19/04/2014, at Nghenh Luong Dinh. In particular, introducing culinary characteristics of Vietnam and some other countries. Vang Dalat also has a product introduction booth located on the premises of the Food Festival. The main activities of Vang Da Lat at the booth: Display and introduction of Vang Dalat products. Experience the taste of Dalat specialties: The free trial program of Vang Dalat, Misty Farm daily for visitors at the booth.

Introduce and sell Dalat Wine products to visitors and tourists. Location for Hue International Food Festival 2014: Nghenh Luong Dinh (opposite Phu Van Lau – Dai Noi), Le Duan Street, Hue City. In addition to sponsoring the Hue International Food Festival 2014, Vang Da Lat is also honored to be the sponsor of drinks (wine) for the parties at the Hue Festival 2014. Not only residents of the Imperial Capital but also visitors. This festival will have the opportunity to experience the greatness of the Vietnamese brandy wine, the quintessence of Dalat sky in the middle of sedimentary Hue capital.

Vang Da Lat – A Vietnamese brand – a lifelong friend

It seems no stranger to Dalat Wine because even without traveling to Dalat, everyone can see this brand everywhere from food and wine shops to centers. High-end shopping.

Dalat wine has existed for a long time, made from grapes, through the process of pressing, fermenting, brewing and blending, which will produce unforgettable flavors and aromas. Among a range of Dalat specialties, wine is among the most popular and popular specialties. Not only for enjoying, Dalat wine is also used as a gift, quite popular gift that everyone can use in all holidays or when necessary. The favorable nature has brought Da Lat many conditions to form irreplaceable regional products. In particular, thanks to the abundant source of fruit, wine was born and associated with the familiar and familiar city of Dalat like breath. Made from grapes, several million liters of wine are produced each year to serve the market.

For more details about the products, please visit www.vangdalat.vn

Dalat wine production process has many stages and each stage has its own requirements to ensure proper technical requirements to get quality products. Right from the first stage is fresh raw materials, fruits must reach the maturity of acidity and the necessary amount of sugar to be harvested. After harvesting, it is the process of cleaning and extracting water, until the process of fermentation, pressing water, filtering water, smoothing, brewing wine, the final stage is to mix to have a specific flavor and packaging. Imagine a wine making process that follows such steps, but the process of making a good wine is an art that requires patience and meticulous precision in each step.

The time it takes to produce a product can range from a few months to several years depending on the type of wine. Currently, Dalat wine is produced quite a lot with diverse and rich wines, but of which there are two main types of wine: Dalat red wine and Dalat white wine. Many people love Dalat red wine because of its strong flavor and eye-catching colors, but there are also people who love Dalat white wine because of its delicate sweet aftertaste.

Dalat wine is so, not only has a long story to tell about the process of forming the delicious drops of wine that are enough to conquer people to enjoy, it is also associated with the very unique poems of the mountain town with In the chill of the windy highland, a little warm wine always adds a poetic flavor to life, a deeper sense of generosity. and the romance of the people of the Highlands. Wherever you are, you can try onea bit of Dalat wine, but the passionateness of alcohol right on the mountain town seems to make people excited and more restless.

Currently, Vang Da Lat has been present all over the country, favored by consumers, trusted and the products were exported to markets of some Asian countries, such as Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Cambodia … Vang Dalat has won many prestigious and valuable awards: for 12 consecutive years, it was voted the title “Vietnamese high quality goods” (2001 – 2013), Golden Star Award. Dat Viet (2003 – 2011), Vietnam Quality Award (2005-2010), famous brand in Vietnam 3 times in a row (2006 – 2008 – 2010), Top 100 best products voted by consumers In 2010, the record trophy for Vietnam’s most famous wine brand of the Vietnam record books center Vietbooks, … was chosen by the Vietnamese Government to be the official drink for the Association. 14th APEC Summit in 2006 in Hanoi. Since then, Vang Dalat represents the brand of Vietnamese wine products, regularly serving diplomatic ceremonies at the national level.

So during the “International Food Festival 2014” at Hue Festival, with impressive booth design, Dalat wine promises to bring visitors interesting experiences about wine.

Mr. Pham Hoang Long, General Director of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company, said: “The festival is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude to the land we respect. We are always proud to have contributed to the development of Hue Festival, and hope Vang Vang Dalat will be known more by friends everywhere thanks in part to the Hue Festival brand. In the coming time, we will continue to accompany the development of the community as the principle that we are still aiming for ”.

The companion of Dalat wine has shown the efforts of enterprises to implement well the socialization of organizing festivals. This helps people always remember and think of the products of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company whenever they gather together, share life.

Aspiration to arouse the culture of Vietnamese wine consumption.

So far, Vang Dalat has nearly 40 categories of products that can meet many classes and groups of different consumers at home and abroad; In particular, through consumer market research, the company has discovered another segment of customers wishing to buy as gifts, therefore, in the past few years, the company has regularly invested resources. To develop this meaningful product line, suitable for shopping seasons. These gifts are becoming attractive, meaningful for relatives & friends, so that they can feel more deeply the sophistication of Dalat wine.

With the mission of being the pioneer wine brand in Vietnam, with the brand name associated with the place of Da Lat, Vang Dalat always responds to and sponsors cultural activities and craft villages in the locality. Dalat Wine brand was also honored to be chosen as a drink served at the 14th APEC Summit held in Hanoi in 2006. In addition to wine products, Ladofoods also produces and sells fruit juices. Dalat specialties, for example: mulberry juice, passion fruit juice (marquee), grape juice, … all have the Misty Farm brand.

It can be affirmed that Dalat Wine of Ladofoods has aroused the culture of Vietnamese consumption of wine by the relentless conquest of many years across the regions of the country, from here to step by step shape. Therefore, establishing a custom of consuming wine, awakening the social community to perceive the beauty of wine culture, creating a landmark and a starting point, is a prerequisite for the wine processing industry. Previous precedent in Vietnam in general & Da Lat in particular development.