02 11/2020


Modern trade

In Vietnam, especially in big cities, consumers are progressively shifting shopping habits from traditional markets to supermarkets. This trend has made modern retail channels in the form of supermarkets, convenience stores and shopping centers strongly appear and develop from 1994 to recent years. Catching this trend, Ladofoods has distributed products to most large and small supermarkets across provinces and cities such as:

Traditional trade

With the desire to bring Ladofoods wines to all regions of the country, we cooperate closely with distributors and dealers to ambitiously reach 20,000 retail outlets including specialized liquor stores, convenience stores, department stores, and traditional markets across the country. Particularly, Vang Đàlạt products have been available in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam.

Hotels and restaurants

As the leading Vietnamese winemaker, Ladofoods products are available at various hotels and restaurants across the country, especially in tourist destinations namely Sapa, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and others.


With established brand and assured quality, Ladofoods is a trustworthy partner of distributors in Korea and Japan.