11 09/2019

LADOFOODS – Continuing the breakthrough steps in the strategy of developing wine grape material area

Recently, in the middle of August 2013, the Board of Directors of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company – Ladofoods decided to set up a “Material Area Development Project Board of Ninh Thuan Province”, accordingly, this Project Board The main functions are as follows: (1) develop a project to develop the material area for processing Da Lat’s wine products, (2) deploy the model of growing wine grapes according to the European BIO method. Au. (3) training a team of consultants, technicians, (4) organizing conferences, field workshops & guiding farmers in Ninh Thuan province to develop cultivation and replicate the model of wine growing under new technologies The company has completed the formulation of programs and plans based on functions and tasks until 2020 and is promoting the implementation of work programs. is divided into 02 main stages:

Phase 1 (from 2013 to 2014): Deploying the model of wine-growing under the method of making fence rigs & demonstration model of BIO test wine growing on vineyards according to European technology, under the direct guidance. The meeting of Austrian expert – Dr. Milan Hluchy, President of the Organic Grape Association – Czech Republic, in parallel with the implementation of research programs and testing to improve the care process to gradually improve productivity Quality of wine grapes, reducing production costs, selecting grape varieties suitable to the climate and soil conditions of Ninh Thuan.

Phase 2 (from 2015 to beyond 2020): scaling up and developing wine growing area to farmers in Ninh Thuan Province to 100 hectares, with an estimated yield of around 30 tons / ha / year, with this output, Every year, the company organizes the consumption of products from farmers from 3-4 thousand tons / year, enough to raise the capacity of Dalat Wine Factory to from four to five million liters / year, including the production lines of High quality products, can match with high-class imported wines currently on the Vietnamese market
It is known that in 2008, Ladofoods & P&P Import Export France (France) cooperated to establish Vang Dalat – France wine joint venture company to invest in wine grape farm and produce and process wine according to quality. amount of French in Lam Dong. In February 2008, the company imported 04 red grape varieties: Syrah, merlot, carbenet sauvignon, carbenet Franc from France for trial planting in Tutra commune – Don Duong – Lam Dong. By May 2009, three more white grape varieties were imported from France: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay & Mauzac. Thus, there are 7 imported grape varieties grown in Da Lat – Lam Dong. Up to now, there are 02 grape varieties: syrah & Sauvignon Blanc that have good results, adapting to the natural conditions in Lam Dong.

Austrian specialist, Czech nationality – Dr. Milan Hluchy, President of the Association of Organic Grapes – Czech Republic is guiding the cultivation and tending of vineyards by means of BIO method at one vineyard – Ninh Thuan Province, in September 2013.

With the natural characteristics of soil and soil of Ninh Thuan province: dry, hot and humid soils are less suitable for growing high-yielding vines; According to statistics, Ninh Thuan province currently has the largest grape growing area in the country, about 1,000 hectares, with about 15,000 grape growers, accounting for nearly 10% of the agricultural and forestry labor population. Ladofood’s orientation of a major investment strategy for the wine grape material area in this potential land, believes that it will continue to create more strategic breakthroughs, opening a new opportunity and a new direction to work. Sustainable development, the competitiveness of Vang Dalat products & the image of the brand will be raised to new heights in the near future once the project has been put into operation and is gradually becoming a reality. , bring tangible results.