12 09/2019

Proud Vietnamese brand at International Cuisine Festival – Hue 2014

Taking place from April 14 to 19, there are 70 stalls of 7 countries including: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, International Food Festival – Hue 2014 impresses strongly. by the culinary elite of 7 Asian countries is presented in the most delicate way.

The Food Festival has many diverse and attractive programs, such as: Processing and serving food at the stalls, performing the art of cooking and processing unique dishes of each country. Gia; performing arts concocting with the exchange, meeting and introducing new Cocktail products; Introducing Hue brand Cocktail, Cocktail made from local wine and some famous regional and world wine brands.

At this festival, Vietnamese units introduced typical culinary products such as Dalat wine, chicken rice, high floor, Quang noodles, Hue beef noodle, Hue beer, Hanoi pho, Thai Nguyen tea. , Lang Son Cam Hoa sticky rice … All Vietnamese dishes bring an interesting and profound experience for visitors.

Dalat wine made a good impression at the Festival

In Vietnamese spaces, Vang Da Lat of Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company is impressed by its unmistakable decor, rich in culture and philosophy in the Central Highlands. The showroom and showcase of Vang Dalat products, the experience area of Dalat specialty flavors; The free trial program of Vang Dalat, Misty Farm daily for visitors at the booth always attracts a large number of visitors.

Not only the people of the Ancient Capital but visitors to this Festival will have the opportunity to experience the greatness of the wine branded Vietnamese, the quintessence of Dalat sky in the middle of the sedimentary Hue capital.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said the festival contributes to promoting the image of Hue culinary culture and Vietnamese cuisine with domestic and international tourists.