12 09/2019

Vang Dalat on the way to the big sea

Dalat Wine is a wine originating in Da Lat, made from grapes and special fruits of the region. After the process of branding, Vang Da Lat has now created a foothold in the domestic market. Not stopping, Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company (Ladofoods) continues to decide to invest in advanced technology to bring Vang Dalat products under the brand name “Vang Dalat” to the international market.
Casking of wine to market for consumption in Ladofoods Factory. (Photo: VNA)

Dalat Wine is one of the leading wine brands in Vietnam, Ladofoods Dalat Wine has stood firm in the domestic market because of its product quality and effective investment in its distribution system.

Dalat Wine was born in 1999 and was registered as a trademark at the National Office of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Science and Technology in 2003. At first, Da Lat Vang only produced one kind of red wine according to technology. European, “mainstream” taste of wine.

The product was born and was recorded when the foreign wine market was “difficult” and the domestic wine was small. Dalat wine has been rated by consumers with its very own “unique” taste, which blends the classic features of Western wines and the authenticity, friendliness, closeness of the land and children. Da Lat people.

Besides, with continuous efforts in the process of product development, marketing, sales, construction and brand promotion, Vang Da Lat has been present throughout the provinces and cities nationwide with over 2,000 point of sale; The product portfolio is also diverse in design, quality, taste with nearly 40 product categories, meeting the needs of many classes and consumers at home and abroad.

From 2008 to 2013, Vang Da Lat’s products achieved an average growth rate of about 20% / year and in 2014, the company set a target of 160 billion VND of revenue, an increase of 10% compared to the previous year.

It is known that since 2008, Ladofoods and P&P Import Export France Company (France) have cooperated to set up Dalat-France Wine Joint Venture Company to invest in wine-growing farms as well as produce and process wines according to French quality in Lam Dong. Currently, there are seven rows of wine grapes imported and planted successfully in Da Lat-Lam Dong, including two varieties with good results, adapting to the natural conditions here.

The construction and affirmation of Vang Da Lat’s trademark was recognized through 12 consecutive years of achieving the title of “High-quality Vietnamese goods”; Vietnam Golden Star Award (2003-2011); Vietnam Quality Award, famous Vietnamese brand three times in a row; Top 100 best products voted by consumers; Cup record of the most famous wine brand in Vietnam … Especially, the Government chose to be the official drink for the 14th APEC Summit.

It can be said that, for more than 10 years of building and developing the brand, Vang Da Lat has aroused the Vietnamese consumer wine culture, awakening the social community to feel the unique features in the wine culture. , creating a landmark, a starting point for Dalat wine processing industry in particular and Vietnam in general to develop.

To continue to maintain the brand as well as affirm the success of Vang Dalat products, Mr. Pham Hoang Long, Deputy General Director of Ladofoods said: The company is focusing on the application of technology and development investment. large-scale sustainable material areas in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan.

Currently, the project of developing raw material area in Ninh Thuan province was established by Ladofoods in August 2013 to set up a project to develop raw material area for processing wine products of the company; Deploying the model of wine growing under BIO method of Europe

According to the plan, the first phase from 2013-2014, the company will focus on cultivating wine grapes from the varieties and care processes to improve productivity and quality. In particular, the company will select grape varieties suitable to the soil of Ninh Thuan.

In the second phase, from 2015-2020, Ladofoods will expand and expand the grape growing area to 100 hectares, with an estimated yield of about 30 tons / ha, to increase the capacity of Dalat Vang Factory to 4-5 million. liters / year, aiming to increase domestic market share, improve quality, expand export markets to other countries.

Dalat Wine is the first Vietnamese wine brand exported to foreign markets in some markets such as Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Cambodia … However, to continue to reach out to the international market. , Ladofoods is focusing on investing in technology, developing material areas as well as resources to develop high quality product lines, specific to each market.

At present, Da Lat Vang has focused on selecting materials from good grape varieties to create specific products such as premium Dalat wine (using cabernet sauvignon, merlot) and Da Lat Vang Export ( using chardonnay grape varieties) …

In particular, there are product lines born from the metaphor

Innovative oak incubation technology such as Château Dalat, APEC 14, Excellence or products as a meaningful spiritual gift for relatives and friends, typically Dalat Wine collection. with four product categories named after the flowers of Da Lat: La Tulipe, Pensée, Marguerite, Wild Rose.

Mr. Pham Hoang Long, who has had many years of following the steps of Vang Da Lat, shared: “Now, the psychology and orientation of wine consumption in Vietnam have completely changed. If before, When it comes to wine, Vietnamese consumers immediately think of foreign wine, typically French wine, nowadays Dalat Wine has truly become the first, most famous and popular domestic wine brand in Vietnam. . ”

With firm steps in the right direction, Vang Da Lat can stand alongside strong brands not only in the Vietnamese business community but also in the world, meeting Vietnam’s international economic integration process