17 10/2017

Chateau Dalat – Vietnam’s Top Wine Brand

APEC 2017 leaders to sip Chateau Dalat Signature wines

On October 17, 2017, Pham Binh Minh – member of the Politburo, deputy prime minister, minister of foreign affairs and APEC 2017 director – convened the APEC’s Sponsors Announcement Ceremony and awarded certificates to the forum’s official sponsors.

Mrs Tran Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy of Ladora Winery, is given a certificate of sponsorship
from a Representative of APEC 2017 National Committee

Chateau Dalat Signature Shiraz was officially recognized as Viet Nam’s first high-end wine brand and chosen to be served to the honoured guests at the upcoming forum in Danang, attended by leaders and heads of State from 21 member countries.

Chateau Dalat Signature is a range of high-end wines created by Ladora Winery, using specially grown grapes from Ninh Thuan Province.

As part of Ladofoods, Ladora Winery has created the high-end wine brand Chateau Dalat after painstaking processes of research and development, from gathering and cultivating the right variety of grapes to bottling the finished products. The grapes are grown in accordance with high European farming standards. After the best grapes are collected and extracted, they go through fermentation and refinement under an Italian wine making process. The wines are then aged under strict supervision of world-renowned experts to achieve top quality.

Since 1999, as Viet Nam’s first wine maker to implement European technology, Ladora Winery has helped Vietnamese wine brands to be on par with high-quality imported wines. Ladora Winery has invited wine experts from around the world and learned how to improve its fermenting, aging and blending techniques. Grapes are collected when evenly ripe and have the right amount of sugar. After the initial fermenting processes, the wine is aged in oak barrels or special tanks to provide it with a more natural aroma and flavour.

Ladora Winery’s journey to make a mark on the wine map of the world reached a landmark when Chateau Dalat Signature was officially invited to be on display at the Wine Museum in Germany in 2017.

Last year, at the international Cathay Pacific Wine Competition hosted by the Asia-Pacific Region, Chateau Dalat impressed world-renowned wine experts from many countries and territories, such as England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Japan, Korea and Thailand, and surpassed top wine brands from 90 countries and territories to receive the silver prize. This is an honour not only for the Chateau Dalat brand name, but also for Viet Nam’s wine making industry.

Furthermore, Chateau Dalat has also been chosen to be served at pre-APEC gala dinners for many diplomatic and trade conferences. Chateau Dalat has also been selected by corporations and government agencies as the official gift for honoured guests – both domestic and international.

Chateau Dalat’s quality continues to be reaffirmed as it was officially selected as the official wine for APEC 2017.

Chateau Dalat wine will continue to expand its global reach, with the immediate short-term plan to make Ladora Winery the leading wine maker in Southeast Asia. Ladora Winery will increase its high quality grape plantation to 100ha, applying the most modern farming techniques and standards.

Nguyen Huu Thuy, CEO of Ladofoods, said: “Ladofoods has exclusively devoted and invested in the 6ha Ladora Winery in Phat Chi – Dalat, Lam Dong. With further investment in a 20ha vineyard in Ninh Thuan, Ladora Winery is showcasing its ambition to create high-quality wine that bears a Vietnamese brand name.”


* Since its creation, the reputation, quality, and market reach of Ladora Winery’s wines have been increasing, and these products can now replace imported wines. The Chateau Dalat brand is loved and trusted by many consumers both inside and outside Viet Nam.

* In recent years, one of Ladora Winery’s most popular wines – Vang Dalat – has been served to leaders and heads of State at APEC 14, and at many important government conferences and gala dinners.

* Ladora Winery’s wines meet rigorous international standards and are exported to many Asian and ASEAN countries, especially Japan – a country with one of the highest standards in food safety.

* Ladora Winery is one of the leaders in transforming Dalat, now known not only as a tourism destination, but also as a land of high-quality wines.

* Ladora Winery’s wines are sold in more than 100.000 stores in the country. It has different price and quality ranges to satisfy the demands of various market segments. With more than four million litres of wine consumed each year, for the last 20 years, Ladora Winery has rekindled Viet Nam’s wine culture, providing a huge stepping stone for the wine making industry